About Us

Montana Cans Czech republic

it was already in the year 1995 that the legendary shop “samet” opened in one of the prague quarters, žižkov, or more precisely, in Cimburkova street. It happened to be, at the time, the first shop of it's kind not only in Czech republic but also in the whole Central and Eastern Europe. over the time of its existence, not only many future graffiti and pop- but also stars of world importance used to frequent it; that approved the family and friendly atmosphere that overtook this so-called "club" in this unique concept of a shop, it was mainly the assortment of graffiti goods that was sold but the offer did not stop at that, it was supplemented by records and original collections of the american streetwear brands which were nowhere to be found until then.

Montana Cans Germany

montana and team L&G is a company that has been influenced by the artistic scene since the very beginning not only because the founders’ roots stem from the scene, but also because they figure still as its active participants. a modest dream has born a company that has been expanding into more than 60 countries all over the wolrd ever since. the game-changing advantage of montana cans products is their high quality, wide array of color shades and accessory products of all sorts, such as fixes, markers, stickers, clothing, etc.

inovation and intuition attentive to the new trends are and ever will rank among the cornerstones of the company’s success.

Montana – from the artists of the scene for the artists of the scene