Montana VINTAGE 400mlMontana VINTAGE 400mlMontana VINTAGE 400mlMontana VINTAGE 400mlMontana VINTAGE 400ml

Montana VINTAGE 400ml

Vintage Spray 400ml is a high quality acrylic, low pressure solvent based spray.
The yellow transparent layer is UV resistant, a fast-drying, semi-gloss finish that delivers the best results on a white or lightweight background. Using Vintage Spray to your black and white photos, as well as to your home or office furniture, you will get the look, aging.

For the best results, use a flat nozzle on the can and apply 2-3 smooth and even layers. Can be combined with Montana with a colorless varnish for further protection, and after complete curing, you will achieve the desired effect.
To increase the effect, sanding between the layers can be done.


175 Kč
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