Montana GLASS 250mlMontana GLASS 250mlMontana GLASS 250mlMontana GLASS 250ml

Montana GLASS 250ml

Glass is everywhere. Our windows are made of it, our homes have vases made from it, the bottles we drink from and even the jars we get some of our food from are all made of glass. Whether it is a little extra privacy by frosting a window, some creative upcycling or redecorating some old glass homewares, the Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml is just what you need to add color to glass while enjoying the transparency of light. Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml is Nitro-Acrylic-Combi based paint that is delivered under low pressure in a 250ml sized can. The 9 available colors dry to a semi transparent, frosted matte finish. Making it possible to allow light to pass through the painted glass and arrive in the appearance of the color which it has been applied. The more coats applied, the less light can pass through the object.


145 Kč
GP1210 Frosted Almond
GP3010 Frosted Coral Red
GP3225 Frosted Rose
GP4170 Frosted Orchid
GP5055 Frosted Baby Blue
GP6115 Frosted Teal
GP6220 Frosted Mint
GP9000 Frosted Black
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